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Adventures in Energy Storage: Structure and Reactivity of Functional Solid-Liquid Interfaces
Tuesday, December 06, 2016, 02:45pm
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Speaker  Paul Fenter, Argonne National Laboratory

The electrode-electrolyte interface is critical critical in many aspects of the use, storage, and generation of energy. Yet the processes at this solid-liquid interface are obscured by the presence of the liquid, masking the relevant structure-property relationships. The availability of high-brilliance hard X-ray synchrotron sources has revolutionized our ability to probe the molecular-scale structures and reactions at these interfaces. I will describe recent work in which we use model systems to understand behavior at electrochemical interfaces relevant to energy storage.  The first concerns observations of the structure and dynamics of room temperature ionic liquids at potential controlled graphene interfaces (as model electrochemical capacitors), which exhibit charge separated structures and inherently slow switching dynamics.  A second area explores the reactions of model lithium ion battery electrodes, in which we develop model multilayer electrode architectures to control and guide electrochemical reactivity.   

*This work is supported by the Department of Energy, Office of Basic Energy Sciences.

Location Rutgers, Busch, McLaren, CCR 201