Past Seminars and Events 2017

Toward large scale production of 2D crystals for (opto)electronic and energy applications
Monday, December 05, 2016, 12:00pm
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Speaker Francesco Bonaccorso, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Graphene Labs


New materials and processes1 can improve the performance of existing devices or enable new ones1-5 that are also environmentally benign. In this context, graphene and other 2d crystals are emerging as promising materials,1-5 with the opportunity to enable new products.1 A key requirement for applications such as flexible electronics and energy storage and conversion is the development of industrial-scale, reliable, inexpensive production processes,2 while providing a balance between ease of fabrication and final material quality with on-demand properties.

Solution-processing2,6 offers a simple and cost-effective pathway to fabricate various 2d crystal-based (opto)electronic and energy devices, presenting huge integration flexibility compared to conventional methods. Here, I will present an overview of graphene and other 2D crystals for flexible and printed (opto)electronic and energy applications, starting from solution processing of the raw bulk materials,2 the fabrication of large area electrodes3 and their integration in the final devices

Location Rutgers, Busch, McLaren, CCR 206