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Rutgers Renewable IGERT Graduate Fellowships available in broad selection of disciplines

nanotechnology.jpgThe National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Rutgers University two grants, together totaling over $6.4 million, to fund research in clean and sustainable energy resources using biotechnology and nanotechnology. The NSF's IGERT program   supports graduate fellows in fields that cross academic disciplines, providing unique research opportunities, real world experience, and global reach.   (IGERT = Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship). 

The two grants will provide generous, renewable IGERT Fellowships over the next five years to eligible graduate students who wish to pursue energy-related studies in a broad array of graduate programs in science, technology, engineering, public policy and mathematics.

Being the only institution in the nation that received more than one grant in 2009, Rutgers IGERT programs support innovation and leadership in graduate education.  Nationwide, Rutgers has the most currently active IGERT programs and is one of only five universities that have been awarded six or more IGERT grants.

Nanotechnology for Clean Energy IGERT

  • New interdisciplinary, multi-university graduate fellowship program focuses on the scientific, technical and policy issues related to sustainable and affordable energy generation and storage technologies, emphasizing innovations in nanotechnology. 
  • Receive a PhD from one of several departments at either Rutgers or Princeton University : Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering.
  • Research in nanoscale energy technology development.
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum in fundamental (nanoscale) materials sciences, physics, chemistry and electrical engineering.
  • Dynamic educational exchange between U.S. and select African institutions.

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Renewable and Sustainable Fuels Solutions IGERT

  • New interdisciplinary graduate fellowship program focuses around four main research thrusts:
  1. Development and optimization of biofuels
  2. Innovative catalysts and engineering systems for synfuels
  3. Land use, sustainability, and environmental impact
  4. Fuels deployment logistics, economics, and policy
  • Fuels IGERT brings together over 40 faculty members, from 8 different graduate programs and 14 Rutgers Centers and Institutes.
  • Participate in an extensive program of international fact-finding field trips and long-term research collaborations in China, Brazil, and South Africa.

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If you are interested in applying for an IGERT Fellowship at Rutgers:

  1. Submit your application to a relevant graduate program at Rutgers, via the Graduate School New Brunswick. Mention your interest in the IGERT program in your personal statement. If you are currently a Rutgers graduate student, contact the IGERT administrator.
  2. Contact the IGERT administrator to establish interest, request information, and apply. Each IGERT is administered separately and can be contacted directly:
    • Johanna Bernstein, Nano IGERT Program Coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
    • Dr. Linda Anthony, Fuels IGERT Program Coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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